Design + Social Justice: Panel Discussion

Part of UNL’s Design + Social Justice Symposium, a panel discussion will take place with Emory Douglas, Billy X Jennings, Suzun Lucia Lamaina, and myself. It will be moderated by Patrick Jones, Associate Professor of History and Ethnic Studies (African and African American Studies Program). His initial setup for the discussion follows:

What is the relationship between design and social change? How does graphic design – and visual culture, communicate a message; create community; educate the people; uplift and empower; foster a sense of identity and pride; sway opinion; change hearts and minds; affect institutions of power; and, ultimately, play a role in creating meaningful and substantive social change? In short, what role(s) does (or can) design and the visual arts play in creating “a revolutionary culture” and “radical change?”

Panel Discussion
September 16, 2015 @ 5:30 PM
Love Library Auditorium
University of Nebraska–Lincoln