I drive truck, break arms, and arm wrestle. It’s what I like to do, it’s what I do best.

Bull Hurley quote of the day. Quote of my life. Loved that quality film from the late 80s Over the Top. Fun fact: I was actually in a surf/punk band in college called the Bull Hurleys that practiced a set of surfy songs about trucking and partying. We played no shows. 

Anyway, this particular quote from Mr. Hurley really stuck with me. Our household watched that movie literally hundreds of times as I was growing up (my father drives truck for real). I feel like that quote has played an integral part in helping me understand brevity and cadence. As you hear this 3-point cadence, it speaks to your core and you just know everything this big dude is all about. You know that 3-thing introduction now so common on Twitter, LinkedIn, and at TED conferences? I say it has origins here with this large bald-headed man.

Long-form bio? Na, just give me your 3-things. Tell me a paragraph of what you’re up to? Na, just give me your 3-things. If they’re interesting, then I’ll watch your movie.