A year of our weekly consciousness

2015 has been the year of coworking. In early January, Jake Welchert and myself began operating full-time out of a small space in midtown Omaha we branded Round and Round. Last month, Adam Casey joined the fold. It was initially conceived as a space where independent creatives could come together to work, learn, and enjoy their careers. To think and make, to share and collaborate. On those accounts, it’s been a wildly successful year.

I’ve come to think of the space as a consistent source of inspiration and momentum. Where to go to make things happen, to create impactful work, and to enjoy these days of working on projects with some really amazing people in our city. Part of the R+R mission is to make great design available to organizations and causes we believe in, whether in the arts, the environment, or equitable community development. I’m really excited for what the new year is looking to bring on that front. 

High level, looking back on what went down at 5013(?), I can say with some certainty that the Boss was the most played artist, the Bulldog the most preferred for lunch, and people looking for the tailor our favorite guests. We now all get professional haircuts next door, most of us honed the skill of yelling loudly, and one of us can speak with a pretty good accent. And I think it’s a toss-up between what we’ve made fun of more, either the shitshow that is the Republican field for President or LinkedIn. 

If you’re curious, you can view the type posters I typically made every Saturday morning to recap the previous week. Starting with #1, you can scroll through a year of weekly consciousness of the independent designer mind. That was life this year, documented and retold with emphasis in our favorite typefaces. 

Where to next? We have a fairly good idea, at least for Q1. If you’re in the neighborhood, definitely swing by. We can talk 2016, top 10 albums of this year, and try to determine what to destroy next. If we don’t see you, in the twilight of 2015, keep on keepin’ on. 

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