Cage Match: Detective Graham Waters vs. Lieutenant Horatio Caine

Here’s a soundtrack example for creativity. Remember that film CRASH with Don Cheadle? It’s one of my favorites of the 2000s. Powerful, emotional, unresolved and so on. There’s a moment towards the end where a beautiful sounding song is played. In the Deep by Bird York. It’s a perfect metaphor to the central idea behind the film; people out there in the chaos, isolated, occasionally crashing into each other. As the song goes, “now you’re out there swimmin,’ in the deep.” On the other side of that, CSI: Miami. Which my wife was way into for awhile on NETFLIX. I suppose I can appreciate those David Caruso intros. But in one episode, they use the same song. Because they found a murder victim in a body of water. Towards the bottom. Deep. And sadly, the idea of using that song just sort of sat there flat, part of a weak see/say/hear. So in the Cage Match of Creativity, “H” loses. This time.