A breakdown of the different job titles you’ll have, aside from designer, when you own your independent design practice:

  • Project Manager

  • Copywriter

  • Producer

  • Business Strategist

  • Print Production Manager

  • New Business

  • IT Specialist

  • QA Engineer

  • Account Executive

  • Human Resources

And then let’s also throw in Therapist, Spiritual Guru, and Office Manager. Oh, and Runner.

Correction: I forgot Accountant.

More Potential Topics

  1. Punk rock bands I want to be in until my fingers bleed: IDLES

  2. How I cook: slowly, loudly, full of flavor

  3. When bad words are limiting

  4. Personal Velocity

  5. Branding Shit (on the Trump brand, AKA polishing a turd)

  6. Thinking about death on the daily

  7. The Internet could never be bad, right?

  8. Chasing the long-form

  9. Being better at headlines than the full story

  10. Must love tacos

  11. Where/when design ends

  12. 1979

  13. The magical quality of trees

  14. The Curmudgeon

  15. Leisure Man

  16. Time Travel

  17. That one time

  18. I want to talk about my bias

Odd, with distance

These things seem odd to me when you experience them again for the first time in awhile:

  • TV Commercials

  • Smoking

  • Catholic Mass

  • Airport Security

  • Snakes

  • The band Rush

  • Professional Wrestling

  • Big Gulps

  • Cable News

  • Car Salesmen

  • All snacks made by Hostess

  • Facebook

In all of these, there is either an obvious or elusive alternative. Regardless, they’re just odd.

The Top 10 Albums of 2017

Music is deeply tied to my work. All day long, while I’m designing, I listen to what I consider to be the best music out there. And for the last few years I pick my Top 10 albums of the year for the KEXP countdown. This year was extra difficult. 

I had a shortlist of about 30 albums. From some of my all-time favorite bands to other artists I heard for the first time this year. It was tough getting it down to only 10.

It’s also worth noting, given the state of America and our insistence on going backwards, the music was a counter. It pushed us forward. It kept us dreaming, hoping, wondering, working. It was full of beauty, hope, outrage, unity, solidarity, and, most of all, truth.  

With that, these are the albums that spoke to me in the year 2017, in no particular order:

Also worth noting, the Arcade Fire Everything Now tour was absolutely incredible. While their album, which I liked very much, didn’t make my Top 10, their Seattle show was probably the best concert I’ve ever been to. And Valerie June on a freezing cold winter’s day in Omaha? I’m in love.