What are you hiding behind?

Your status? Your career? Your smarts? Your social media profiles? Your sharp wit? Your good looks? You introverted ability to be completely fine being by yourself?

On Age

Daily reminder: You made it to this day. Be grateful. Then get focused, work hard, enjoy your time, and be sure to show the love. No telling what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Cheers!

Ugly Design

In the Netflix show Ugly Delicious, there are lots of amazing things that happen. And because of that, I want to do Ugly Design. What that exactly means, I’m not sure. Yet...

Two Forces

  1. Buying things makes you happy.
  2. Life is, ultimately, about people.

These are the two forces at odds in an epic battle for our souls in our modern society.

All this outrage

Outrage fatigue. Yeah, I get it. Because there’s so much to be fucking mad at in this current moment. I mean good goddamn. 

On Criticism

Few things that matter in this world move forward without criticism and feedback. Especially when it comes to making an idea happen that’s seen as being somewhat new/original.