If I were (running for) President

I’d make my candidacy about the future future. Because that’s where we fail, at the long term. And I’d do this by making our now better for everyone.

Copy of a Copy of a Copy

I started out by trying to copy design styles by designers I liked. I wanted to capture a particular aesthetic of the people who I thought had this design game figured out. Maybe I still do that.

Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

I first read about these aspects of human motivation in a long article about technology and living forever in the New York Times Magazine. That’s all I know. That, and I like the idea.

What are you doing here really?

Answer: I prefer to speak in a voice focused in on poetry and beauty but because there are forces out there that have set out to destroy poetry and beauty, I must fight back.

Scarcity or Abundance

My wife talks a lot about this. A scarcity mindset vs. an abundance mindset. This is the battle. It plays out in how we all approach the world. And it matters greatly. More on this in 2019.