Feedback: The Worst & The Best

Every project has rounds of review and feedback built into the process. Designs are sent to the client with rationale and explanations, that’s part one. Part two is when the client sends back their thoughts, revisions or approval. The round-and-round that ensues varies from quick and painless to quite challenging in its length and uncertainty. And everything in between. I’m familiar with pretty much all degrees along this spectrum. When it comes to the worst feedback I’ve gotten, that boils down to one little phrase: “we want you to let your creative juices flow.” Nothing is more condescending. If you’re a client, try to avoid such statements. When it comes to the best feedback received, well that would be a hug. If you’re a client, more of those please. Even though my wife will be the first to say I’m not a hugger, when it comes to work getting approved, I’m all in for more hugs.