What my Twitter account is for

I like all the standard sorts of social media. I have an account on pretty much everything people use. And I’m active, for the most part, on all of them. Maybe not Google+. What I mean by being active on them is that I use each in their own unique ways. I don’t have one master command center where I create one piece of content and it automatically is pushed out to everything. I don’t think that’s how social media should be used. A post on Pinterest is different than a post on Facebook and is different than the intentions I have on LinkedIn and Instagram. And definitely on Twitter. The 140 character idea is so specific that I use it specifically. Sometimes it’s similar to things I post on other networks but most of the time it isn’t. Twitter is its own thing for me and that’s how I treat it. What you can expect if you follow me: Design for progressive changemakers and do-gooders. Impeccable taste in music. Super liberal politics. Loves movie trailers and Instagram. Similar, of course, to a lot of my online postings, but still different.