How will we eradicate poverty?

By practical objective and follow-through. By acknowledging its profound importance and effect on the interconnectivity of things. We end poverty to ensure that all people have a part to play in the great movement of total communication. That will increase the quality of the dialogue and continue in the betterment of democracies around the world. We end poverty to ensure that we turn to a cycle of life. Where life is bountiful, liberty is normalcy, and opportunity is there for all who seek it. The very notion of war and chaos will become increasingly absurd. Practical objective and follow-through so everyone has clean drinking water, access to food and education, safety, security, financial independence, community, and self actualization. Incremental changes will be reached and the idea that we are all in this together becomes more apparent. It will no longer be just an idealistic vision of what peace might look like. It will become real. This eradication of poverty. It is out there to take. We just need to realize that it is worth doing. And once we realize that, we might just acknowledge it will be the most important thing we will ever do.