What Haunts Us

Paige Goldberg Tolmach’s documentary about the nightmare that happened at her seemingly perfect high school.


The 1979 class of Porter Gaud School in Charleston, South Carolina graduated 49 boys. Within the last 35 years, six of them have died by suicide. When Paige Goldberg Tolmach gets word that another former student from her beloved high school has killed himself, she decides to take a deep dive into her past in order to uncover the surprising truth and finally release the ghosts that haunt her hometown to this day.


Film Launch

We were brought in by Wendy Cohen from Picture Motion to design the brand and launch a splash page for the new documentary film What Haunts Us. Within a tight timeline, working closely with Paige and Wendy, we created a design to represent a disturbing, painful memory and a past that must be exposed. Inspiration was taken from the film with direct references to yearbooks, scratched out photographs, and the idea that the people who lived these nightmares and the community that surrounded them, for whatever reason, were unable to speak or to see.

As this nightmarish darkness is brought to light, the message now being sent to anyone who preys on the vulnerable: #WeArePayingAttention


Film screenings have taken place in Los Angeles, Boston, Austin, and New York City.

Justin Kemerling: Direction + Design
Picture Motion: Content Strategy
Jake Welchert: Development

2017: Campaign, Brand, Web

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