Iowa Pays The Price

A non-profit, non-partisan organization made up of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents created to highlight how large sums of money in politics hurt nearly all Iowans.

Brand & Website

Money in politics is getting out of hand. In Iowa, a new organization needed a modern, fresh brand to take on Big Money in an impactful way. The timeline was aggressive to create the overall design and get up a first-phase website. We looked at four different designs, from the gritty, “dark money” side of politics to an early 90s, State Fair vibe. We ultimately ended up on the money, money, money bombardment approach shown here.

Once the concept was set, we picked an intense, vibrant green and then let all those zeros do most of the talking. The website itself featured a campaign spending graph that tells you all you really need to know. Additional brand elements included typography styles, photography treatments, and an initial set of icons.  

Campaign Execution

The site launched after a ferocious team effort from Cody Peterson, Jason Sawyer, and Jake Welchert. Once out into the world, additional deliverables have been executed to help get the word out. The first digital ad series has been run and now business cards, t-shirts, and other collateral materials have moved into production. The campaign’s social channels are starting to gain traction as there is plenty of content on the subject to be shared.

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This project is Action Backed. A collaboration with the Smoot Tewes Group.

2015: Organization, Brand, Web

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