Straight Shot

Straight Shot is dedicated to rapidly developing technology startups in a way that will allow them to succeed the first time.

The Brand

We began the project by rebranding this Omaha-based accelerator. Working closely with the Managing Director David Arnold, we looked at the Straight Shot foundation and where it wants to go next. From the process, we learned the interesting qualities that make this accelerator different than others.

It’s different because Omaha is different. There’s an ecosystem that allows new ideas to come to life because the city is just the right size and has a unique compliment of people and resources available. Understanding how Straight Shot looks at the companies it selects and learning how David approaches the day-to-day, we knew the brand takes the initiative to lead by vision. To be a pioneer and to seek the best outcomes with a Midwestern work ethic. No nonsense. Direct and to the point. 

Straight Shot’s intentionality is key. As is the dedication and support it provides. Its speed and its Omaha home make it an exciting accelerator for startups to enter and find their way. 


The Website

When David talks about Straight Shot, he hones in on one simple phrase: Let’s Build Companies. Whether he’s talking to new tech startups, mentors and sponsors, or the broader entrepreneurial community, he wants to do one thing and do it well. There’s also an interesting bridge he’s trying to build with what he calls The Omaha Model. The connection between old and new economies.

For the website, flexibility and focus was needed. There are times when the brand message leads. Others when startup applications are most important and still others when an event must be the focal point. We used Wordpress as the CMS and built custom homepage takeovers to execute those specific content needs. Additionally, as the program continues to grow, the site will be able to accommodate more companies, sponsors, and mentors. 

Fully responsive and lightning fast, the development was done by the ever-so-stellar Cody Peterson and Jason Sawyer. As the brand grew into the web presence, we created a consistent photo style while Jake Welchert was brought in to design custom iconography to add to Straight Shot’s unique voice. 

From the brand to the web, with its focus on intention and action, within an highly collaborative process, we consider this another project that’s Action Backed.


Justin Kemerling: Brand + Design
Cody Peterson: Development
Jason Sawyer: Development
Jake Welchert: Iconography

2015: Startup, Brand, Web

Demo Day

Straight Shot has been such a positive force in Omaha’s startup community over the last few years and we continue to be a resource for smaller design needs. In addition to participating in roundtable discussions on branding, we’ve also designed logos for their Demo Day event. Jake Welchert led the design in 2015, Adam Casey in 2016.

2015–2016: Startup, Brand

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