I Love Public Schools

Brand evolution for the place to see what’s happening in our public schools.


A project with Nebraska Loves Public Schools to refine their brand and enhance their website. The catalog of films created by this organization is the place to see what’s happening in our public schools in Nebraska. When they came to us, our job started with an assessment on the current state of their brand and website. We then put together a discovery deck that tried to answer the question: How do we position ourselves better on the web? In that process we established a strong starting point for the branding and website work that followed.


Where we started: the films were high quality, focused on people, and painted a hopeful view of public education. The brand was recognizable across the state given the success of the very popular I Love Public Schools T-shirt. And the stories supporters of public schools had been sharing on social media were personal, relatable, and inspiring. In the end, our strategy was to pull these things together into one cohesive package.


The focus of the site is very clear and direct. The design makes it easy to engage with a film and the topics the film catalog addresses. Each film acts like a case study, supplementing the film video with background information and a gallery of photography (from Malone & Co.) from the film shoot. Pull quotes and callouts add visual interest to a page while the tagging system helps keep site visitors engaged and able to discover more films based on topics that interest them.

The site provides a place for supporters of public education to add their own story either with words, photos, or video. The toolkit allows people to download various brand assets to help spread the I Love Public Schools message in their hometown community. 

Once the site was launched and all the brand assets delivered, it was up to the I Love PS team to spread the word on social media and at community screenings across the state.


Our public education system is really quite remarkable. The videos from this organization show just how much good happens every day in our public schools. Health and wellness, immigrant and refugee education, childhood development, etc. Check it out, watch some films, share your story, spread the word.

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This project is Action Backed. Photography by Malone & Co. Icons by Nicholas Burroughs.

2017–2018: Design Direction, Brand, Web

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