Made In The Neb

To help promote small, local businesses who are working to keep Nebraska a great place to live.

As Bold Nebraska founder Jane Kleeb sees it, the “Made In The Neb” project can become a concrete model for how progressive groups can support small businesses, clean energy, and family farmers and ranchers. We aren’t against something this time. Rather, we are for bold businesses and clean energy. For the small, the local, and the ideas that make our state out here on the Great Plains something special. 

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The project as a whole is very focused. When conceptualizing the site, we didn’t want to overdo it. We wanted it to be simple and put emphasis on the participants of the project. Large map view, 3-column grid, beautiful individual profiles, and that’s it. Moving forward, our hope is that the simplicity will help drive more people to join and that it becomes a useful directory for the progressives in the state. 


  • 40% clean energy: The smaller and more locally owned energy—like solar on rooftops and barns—the better. Right now Nebraska is roughly at 10% clean energy statewide, but Lincoln and Omaha are close to 40%.
  • Modernize state infrastructure in rural and urban towns: More bike paths, walkable cities, public transportation, parks and rural broadband.
  • Support family farmers and ranchers: Help more restaurants, schools, and hospitals use locally grown food; Local control of food systems and less Industrial Ag which often leads to abuse of workers, animals and the environment; we must also put an end to eminent domain for private gain so landowners have security over their property.
  • Protect our water: Ensure the Ogallala Aquifer is classified as a protected water source to safeguard our state’s most critical resource.
  • Ensure small businesses workforce and tax issues are a priority: Clear focus on health care costs; taxes and incentives that support small businesses while ensuring local schools have the resources needed from a fair tax base (i.e. stop tax handouts for big corporations).

This project is Action Backed. A collaboration with the Bold Nebraska team.

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