New Energy Voter

To elect new energy at all levels of our government. New energy means voting for the environment, giving a damn about our communities and showing our citizen power.


The experience was designed to not only make invidividual voting information easily accessible but also to get people committed to voting. To find voter info, people entered an address to be able to flip through all the races they could vote in. People could also find out about all the races happening and know which candidates stood for New Energy. 

Building momentum for voting was done through a simple 100 character pledge form. Let people know why you’re voting and share with your networks. To take it offline, download and print 1 of 3 posters for Our Land, Home-Grown Energy and Inclusive Cities.

Pledge to vote. Know the candidates. Hang up a poster. Vote NEW ENERGY.

Poster Design by  Jontue Hollingsworth

Poster Design by Jontue Hollingsworth


The latest New Energy Voter offered up who to vote for the midterms in Nebraska. Candidates for Congress, statewide offices, state legislature and in important local races were listed out in concise tiles. And because we know your voice matters, the site still took pledges from people who are excited about hitting the polls to protect the Ogallala Aquifer, stand strong for the environment or out of love for our great state. 

Justin Kemerling: Identity + Art Direction
Cody Peterson: Design + Development
Jontue Hollingsworth: Posters
BOLD Nebraska: Content + Research

2012–2016: Campaign, Brand, Web, UI/UX

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