Sheldon Museum of Art

Graphic design for a variety of contemporary exhibitions by remarkable artists. 


ArtFarm, its history and its future, came to the Sheldon to showcase artwork from its internationally renowned artist residency program and the architecture of Min | Day.  The exhibition focused on the architecture of the Midwest, the movement of buildings and the invisible grid that guides them to their (temporary) resting place.



In early 2007, the Sheldon was all about Comic Art. Curator Dan Siedell and Comic Artist Chris Ware collaborated on the exhibition. The print piece carried Ware’s 4000+ word essay about comics hanging on museum walls.

Chris told me later he thought the logo was the best he’d seen for an event about comics. This was very good for a young designer’s ego.


New York artist Mike Cloud and his algorithmic formulas for creating geometric work in a very raw aesthetic.

The Anatomy of Charley Friedman 

The experience of working with Charley Friedman on the concept and design for his exhibition guide might be one of my most delightful. Note: Only time I've gotten a hug after a “client” got the final printed piece.

The exhibition was interactive in asking visitors for their involvement. So when finished taking in the giant photographs of Charley’s Nipple Eyes, please feel free to use the guide to make your own.

And finally, the project that began the collaborative relationship between myself and curator Daniel A. Siedell. The group show catalog for the exhibition called “Singular Expressions.”

2005–2008: Graphic Design, Print, Exhibition, Poster

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