Save Our Retirement

An effort to stop Wall Street banks and brokers from taking advantage of a Retirement Advice Loophole to put their own interests ahead of their clients.

The website launched with the intention to clearly lay out the problem, the solution, and ways to take action. The brand was designed to reside within a financial aesthetic with a friendly little piggy bank as the main visual. 

The design of the site was meant to be official with a certain amount of authority. Large typography and simple iconography put the issue front and center. No clever little gimmicks and no fine print. The flow was also very important, as a visitor scrolls down a page and can easily share the page or move on to the next.

The small coalition included the AARP, the AFL-CIO, and Better Markets.

The site pushed visitors to a petition to President Obama, the Department of Labor, and Congress demanding they close the Retirement Advice Loophole. It was focused on this basic idea: All workers and retirees should have the protections of an updated DOL rule requiring anyone giving retirement advice to put your interests first, period.

This project is Action Backed. A collaboration with the Smoot Tewes Group.

2015: Campaign, Brand, Web

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