Defend Our Future

A campaign to motivate and organize young people to #ActOnClimate and urge policymakers to do the same. 

The Campaign

For the 2014 midterms, the Defend Our Future campaign set out to get 100,000 millennials in Colorado to pledge to vote for candidates on the right side of the climate change issue. The integrated grassroots and digital effort was created to push forward climate change action and better engage young people. 

The brand was designed to be gritty and action-orientated. The lightning bolt logo is formed by two sides coming together to protect the future young people will inherit. Bold type and bright colors mix with filtered photography and textured backgrounds.

The single-page poster site was designed to gather pledges first and foremost. We then wanted to make it easy for visitors to get to the right place to vote in Colorado and understand what it takes to register to vote, vote by mail, and vote in person. After that, we made it easy for the site to be shared and for people to connect with the campaign’s social channels.

Th design was carried through to social media assets, email blasts, pledge cards, and campaign swag. Vote Climate became the battle cry for young voters who were tired of Congress doing nothing about one of the biggest issues facing the country today.  

The Results: 125,145 Pledges Gathered

Campaign strategy and execution was led by 270 Strategies for the Environmental Defense Fund.

2014: Campaign, Brand, Web

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