Committed to creating equitable schools, The BARR Center believes every student should have access to a high quality education.



The work for BARR began with a suite of icons for each of their eight strategies. The interlocking strategies build intentional relationships, utilize real-time data, and enable schools to achieve concrete academic, social, and emotional outcomes for all students. The visuals for each were designed within a simple and direct linework aesthetic and then worked into a hexagon shape to create a system. There were various treatments depending on where the icon gets used, either very small or more prominent. 

When implementing a strategy at a school, the BARR model allows for customization depending on the needs presented by specific challenges being faced. The use of the icons allowed for varied configurations to show which strategies were being utilized at the school. 

The icons were included in the design of a new website and added to print materials provided to administrators and teachers. 


Refine & Build

The BARR Model allows teachers to focus on building relationships with students to access their strengths and areas for growth. During the process of designing and building a new website, led by Lucas Fleischer, we took the opportunity to refine current brand assets. The logo was tightened up to be geometrically precise. Color builds were slightly adjusted to solid numbers and the typography was modernized. No major changes, just enough of a professional touch to allow for more ongoing consistency, from print to web.

Once the new assets were set, we designed a couple posters for teachers to hang in their classrooms for daily inspiration. 


A collaboration with Lucas Fleischer

2017–Present: Brand, Graphic Design, Iconography


How More Meetings Might Be The Secret To Fixing High School

Out of 172 projects in a big federal innovation grant program, BARR is the only one that progressed through randomized controlled trials to win grants at all three levels: innovation, development and scale-up.

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