UNION – Brand

The Union for Contemporary Art is committed to strengthening the creative culture of the greater Omaha area by providing direct support to local artists and increasing the visibility of contemporary art forms in the community.

The brand is designed to express the work being done to support the arts and strengthen the community. It’s a positive expression of where we’re going. Consider this the starting point.

The discussion about rebranding the Union began in early 2013. The project is guided by the vision of Brigitte McQueen Shew, the artists of the space, the community that surrounds it, and the north Omaha history that holds it up. 

Truly wonderful things are happening at the Union. The initial brand, exhibition posters, program iconography, and event designs are shown here as is the Squarespace site that has been a great solution to showcase everything in the works that internal staff can keep active. And they continue to execute the new brand internally extremely well.

From the artist fellowship to the tool library, the abundance garden and the youth programs, keep a lookout for positive change happening in north Omaha.


Animation by the very talented Uphill Downhill.

2013–Present: Community, Brand, Web, Poster, Video

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