Power to the Poster

To bring people together around a ready supply of well-designed, wild postings that comment on the issues of our time. The posters are for anyone, anywhere to download, print and post. The central question: “As a global citizen, what moves you?”

A collaboration with designer Jason Hardy that at its start only accepted B/W posters. For the second year we accepted color. Along the way we held several exhibitions, kept a catalog of street postings and sold the best designs in large format prints. The project currently sits dormant. Perhaps someday it will be back in full force.

The following were posters I designed about the economy, education, immigration, food, health care, equality and America.

Citizen Exhibition

Power to the Poster The Exhibition: 34 Posters Promoting Dissent, Hope & Ideas. The best designs in 24 x 38 format, hung on gallery walls during Omaha Creative Week at the New BLK Gallery.


Citizen Pasting

In October 2008, B/W tabloids were downloaded, printed and pasted in a hallway in Lincoln’s Parrish Studios. 

Street Gallery

After you download and print the PDF, take your new poster to a high traffic area. Maybe its at your work, maybe a wall in your neighborhood, maybe a coffeehouse, maybe its your refrigerator. From Richmond to San Francisco to Anchorage, these are select shots from the street.

Make This Better

This idea began on a conference call between the White Houses Serve.gov effort and a small group of artists. Our task: to inspire people to serve their communities. It started as a poster campaign and ended as an exhibition. Markers were provided.

So dont just sit there, what would you make better?

2008–2010: Collaboration, Self-Initiated Project, Poster, Exhibition, Web

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