Action Backed 2.0

We collaborate with progressive organizations, agencies, and companies to create digital experiences that move people to action.

When we say a project is Action Backed, we mean small, design-centric websites focused on telling important stories in an engaging and concise manner. As a team, Cody Peterson and myself listen, interpret, empathize, and exist in the gray area of collaborative creativity. Read more about our approach

As an idea, a framework, or guiding principle, Action Backed has existed for two years. Version 2.0 of its web presence includes thorough case studies and posts about some of our favorite projects—websites designed and developed to be light, responsive, and showcase your content with an intentional experience. 

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– Justin Kemerling is a designer living and working in Omaha, Nebraska.
– Cody Peterson is a developer living and working in Portland, Oregon.

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2014–Present: Collaboration, Campaign, Brand, Web

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