Poster: Dissent Is Patriotic

For love of country, for love of our communities and the people who live in them, we stand up and speak out. We talk back to nonsense. We hold the line against hate. We thoughtfully, and with reason, refute lies and other falsehoods by people who hold personal distain for truth. 

After 9/11, as the country entered a dumb war, leftists and peace activists were labeled as cowards and unpatriotic. We weren’t then, we aren’t now. Dissent is a pillar of how America has progressed. Despite the American flaws so evident now under the current president, we can, of course, still correct. 

Take a knee to protest racial inequality and systemic oppression. Take the streets to demand rights for all. We aren’t taking back anything, we’re taking the time to push forward. Dissent for the needs of others, dissent to defend truth, and dissent for the love of country. 

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Poster: Climate of Denial

The current state of American climate policy is one of denial in the face of indisputable scientific fact.

It should’t come as a surprise. In the era of “alternative facts” and “fake news,” why would Americans rally around science? Why would we care about truth? Why would we listen to evidence or experts? The current trend lines are playing out as to be expected. Of course, we deny climate change. Of course, we believe what we want because it’s easier. Of course, we will not think hard because thinking is for snobs. Anything that contradicts our economic or religious outlooks, best to hunker down, ignore, and pretend. It’s our hyper individualism after all. We do what we want, to hell with the consequences.

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Power to the Poster: v2

Here we are in the middle of a raucous 2017 and the next iteration of the Power to the Poster project has just launched. We took the most powerful, most compelling posters created since Election 2016, according to us, and built a website around them. Graphic design in its purest form, the poster, on display for the Resistance Age. 

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We enjoy working with candidates

2018 will be here before we know it. For candidates running for office, branding, graphic design, and web design matter.

Brand design will play a key role as it cuts across every part of a campaign. It’s there when people are calling supporters at campaign HQ. It’s there when people make donations online. It’s there when people are pounding the pavement, going door-to-door, and talking to the members of their community.

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Local Election, National Discussion

From the Heath Mello for Mayor Case Study

The election was watched nationally as one of the first in this odd new Trump era. Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Keith Ellison were brought to Omaha to campaign for Heath as part the DNC’s Come Together Fight Back tour. While the event did energize the base, it unexpectedly spurred a heated discussion around being a pro-life Democrat in a conservative state. While some of the coverage was incorrect, this article in The Nation breaks things down well. The discussion is certainly an important one for Democrats to have, but it did detract from what the campaign wanted to be talking about in the final weeks leading up to election day.

Not getting a win is certainly disappointing. Having another 4 years of a harsh Republican mayor who lacks vision is very concerning for the city’s future mass transit needs, riverfront development, and the prioritization of equity for EVERYONE. 

But, the creativity and energy from the campaign is a hopeful sign for future citizen engagement. The tireless work of young leaders in our community mean the central idea of the campaign — creating a city that’s more welcoming, inclusive, and innovative — is still possible. Those of us who want a more progressive city aren’t giving up. In fact, we’re more determined than ever.

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