Upworthy is social media with a mission; to be awesome and meaningful at the same time.


The “Year of the Upworthy” is a celebratory screenprint in 18,876 characters.

DESIGN NOTES: The text itself is based on 7 style sheets; Text, Events, Author, Month, Quote, Milestone and Hashtag. It flows in from top to bottom without any returns. Playing on the idea of analytics and meaningful shapes, the circles are centered over each month. Their size is determined by the character count of each; ie. September has more characters than January so that circle is larger. Elements of connectivity and spreading outward are added for good measure and the orange/yellow color bleeds off the page as 2012 was a year too big to contain. Add in a dot gradient and there you have it. 


When Upworthy wasn’t the fastest growing media company of all time, this is the poster put out to attract noble taken. 

2012–2013: Graphic Design, Poster, Screenprint

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