The Match Factory

TMF started out as a place for doers, dreamers, sketchers, crafters and mess-makers to congregate, get inspired and create. 

Co-founders Justin Kemerling and Jason Hardy, circa 2004 in Lincoln ’s  Parrish Studios

Co-founders Justin Kemerling and Jason Hardy, circa 2004 in Lincoln’s Parrish Studios

The Captain, Jontue Hollingsworth

The Captain, Jontue Hollingsworth

This station was operational.

This station was operational.

Beginning in late 2002 and formally operating in some capacity until the end of 2011, the Match Factory as an idea was always outside the realm of day jobs and typical design responsibilities. In some form, that is what it will continue to be.

We liked to say “because making is part of things.” So in no particular order, from a hard drive of old files, this is what we did at the Match Factory. Enjoy...

We made a commitment to our community.

We made buttons and officially adopted the burst as our symbol.

We made Nebraska everywhere.

We made T-shirts.

We made good use of most of our time.

We made photographs with filters.

We taught ourselves how to graphic design.

We blended design and lefty politics.

Corporations 1: Wal-Mart

Corporations 1: Wal-Mart

Corporations 2: Exxon Mobil

Corporations 2: Exxon Mobil

Corporations 3: Fox News

Corporations 3: Fox News

We put on evenings of video art.

Carnival Style

Woodcut Style

Robot Digital Style

We put on several exhibitions.

We made numerous websites.

We blogged and had really great taste in music. Still do.

We were DIY and we enjoyed life on the great plains.

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2003–2011: Collaboration, Self-Initiated Project, Graphic Design

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