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There are times when Picture Motion’s social impact campaigns are in need of design services. When that happens, they sometimes call on us. I’ve worked with PicMo’s president Wendy Cohen off and on for over a decade going back to her days at Participant Media. She’s the best. And really fun to work with. Her enthusiasm for making change happen is quite contagious.

Minding the Gap   : Concepts by Adam Casey

Minding the Gap: Concepts by Adam Casey

82 Names   : Concepts by Justin Kemerling

82 Names: Concepts by Justin Kemerling


Complete projects like What Haunts Us and Little White Lie have their own case studies. The designs shown here are examples of concept exploration. In the end, everything above didn’t move forward to final. But I still like these concepts nonetheless. It’s all part of the design process. There are those times when, even though they didn’t get used, the discarded ideas help push the final product to something everyone can feel good about.

2018–Present: Organization, Brand, Web


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