Megan for Legislature

Megan Hunt is a small business owner, community activist, and mother running for the Nebraska Legislature in District 8.

  Campaign Photo by  Adam Casey

Campaign Photo by Adam Casey


At 31, she’s throwing her name into the race for a state government that already has the biggest share of millennials in the U.S. I’ve known Megan for awhile now and I’m really excited for her campaign. Cosmo is, too.

Our team partnered up with her to design the campaign brand, materials, and website so she could announce her run and start doing the tough day-to-day work — knocking on doors, going to events, working the phones, raising money, and so on.

Megan has great taste, she knows what she likes, and made it a priority to invest in professional design. It’s an arrangement I definitely like working in.


Megan’s campaign website is light, fast, and has just the right amount of features for her district race. (I don’t like making things that don’t get used.) Taking into account her web knowledge and the time she could devote to her website and social media strategy, what we launched with will have no problem providing site visitors with the info they need and the actions they can take.


This project is Action Backed. Photography by Adam Casey

Campaign photography by Ariel Panowicz.

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This 31-Year-Old Boutique Owner and Activist Just Announced She’s Running for Office

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