2008, 2012

The years that Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America. 


For myself, 2008 was a year of incredible optimism. What was happening to our national politics inspired and motivated me at a deep level. Adding my voice to the cause of Candidate Obama and his vision for America, I put my screenprinting studio to good use. I created several poster sets and an exhibition, as well as contributed to some of the many online poster sites showing support for the young candidate.

From one of my favorite speeches, “This Is Our Moment...”

VOTE... then get out there and go raise some hell.

VOTE... then get out there and go raise some hell.


In 2012 we decided to move forward a progressive America. We ushered in victories for equality, voting rights, weed and Obama. The following are a variety of designs made for Rock the Vote, the ACLU, an I Voted Today collaboration, a Voting Rights Poster Show and a Mr. President personal project. 

Above all else, for me, 2012 will be the year of the Vote. As we carry on, let’s keep building on that. Until next time, godspeed.


2008, 2012: Art & Design, Exhibition, Poster, Social

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